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Posted: March 22, 2024

Purpose – a simple word – but when left without it in our lives, there is a profound effect on our happiness.

As we journey through life seeking joy and fulfillment, the search for purpose becomes a driving force that gives us direction and meaning. As we age, defining purpose can be a complex endeavor as it goes beyond simply making an impact on others’ lives. In the season of life in which seniors transition to assisted living communities, the focus on oneself becomes much more imperative and for many adults, it is a foreign concept to link purpose to their newfound independence.

CPW purposePurposeful living entails a deeply personal exploration, where discovering significance in our own life takes precedence. Uncovering purpose within an assisted living community involves setting goals, nurturing aspirations, and crafting plans that align with our innermost desires. When each day is approached with intentionality and a clear understanding of out actions and motivations, we truly embody a life filled with purpose.

At Cappella of Pueblo West, there is a mutual understanding that the search for a sense of purpose is ongoing, and it’s no small feat. That is why within the walls of Cappella of Pueblo West, the profound sense of personal fulfillment can be found in many ways due to the dynamic setting of assisted living, where individual paths toward purpose intersect and thrive.

The Eden Alternative: A Purpose-Driven Philosophy

Like many of the communities affiliated with Christian Living Communities, Cappella of Pueblo West follows the Eden Alternative Principles, which is a framework designed to help empower aging adults to take control of their lives and find their voice.

This philosophy of care focuses on eliminating the three most common challenges of seniors: loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. Staff go through rigorous training so that communities like Cappella Pueblo West have the resources and knowledge to provide opportunities to find purpose, meaningful engagement, and spontaneity.

Further, it is key in assisted living communities for the residents to have a say and that their input drives decisions to give them a sense of autonomy. At Cappella Pueblo West, residents have the opportunity to provide input on the events calendar, as well as meet and connect with other residents. Along with personalized care plans that each resident has at Cappella Pueblo West, there are a variety of activities such as exercise classes, art classes, game nights, movie nights and more. All of these are designed to bring the community together and help each individual find purpose while promoting physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health – which are all part of the “5 Pillars of Wellness,” which guides the life enrichment program at Cappella Pueblo West.

The 5 Pillars of Wellness Make Purpose Personal

At Cappella of Pueblo West, the life enrichment programming is grounded in the following tenants, with the goal of supporting each resident’s success and well-being.

  • Social – building community through shared values and experiences, fostering authentic relationships that bring us together.
  • Intellectual – Supporting brain health with lifelong learning and meaningful ways to keep an active mind.
  • Physical – Encouraging healthy choices and habits, independence and inclusive fitness classes that sustain and improve function.
  • Purposeful – Participating and making decisions in the things that matter most to each of us. Being of service, feeling valued, and sharing our gifts with others.
  • Spiritual – Nurturing the soul, spirit, and emotional well-being by connecting to our purpose, values and beliefs.

Cappella Pueblo West sense of purposeAt Cappella Pueblo West, these pillars are what drives residents to find purpose in their daily lives. Residents are encouraged to take the lead in creating and driving projects and their input is valued. They are welcome to showcase their talents with the greater community and participate in any activity that will serve them on their greater mission to find their sense of purpose.

In our society, we often overlook the deep-seated desire and necessity for older adults to have a sense of purpose. While it’s common to expect them to simply relax and enjoy their retirement years, the truth is that older adults who feel purposeful lead more fulfilling lives and maintain better health.

Following the principles of the 5 Pillars of Wellness for Adult Living, let us all carry the realization that true life isn’t found in extravagant displays or external approval, but in the everyday moments where we discover significance and mindfulness. Embracing the support of our community, let us persist in seeking and nurturing purpose, enriching not only our own lives but also those of others with each step we take.


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