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Posted: June 10, 2024

Duet Dining is changing the landscape of resident dining in Pueblo West, CO with the re-grand opening of the RiverWalk Café dining room. At Cappella of Pueblo West Senior Assisted Living Community, dining is an experience that delights all the senses.

As we unveil our re-grand opening of the dining room, featuring an updated menu and a warm, welcoming ambiance. Let’s explore how this innovative program is changing the landscape of dining for the residents, providing them agency, promoting connection and giving them comfort in community.

Introducing Duet Dining in Pueblo West, CO


Duet Dining Hospitality Group

Cappella Pueblo West DiningA service of Christian Living Communities, the Duet Dining Hospitality Group is committed to creating a healthy environment with nutritious options for residents, families and staff. With a focus on simple and wholesome meals to create innovative and customizable menus, the program shapes the community culture through the value of shared meals. The Duet Dining Hospitality Group, a hybrid partnership with Morrison Senior Living, designs an experience that offers ample support to each resident’s dietary needs and preferences.


Menu for Every Palate

With the re-grand opening comes an updated menu, carefully curated to cater to a variety of tastes and dietary needs. From gourmet entrees and flavorful dishes, the team crafts dishes using fresh ingredients and with our residents in mind, with plans to keep some favorite menu items and ordering options.

The re-grand opening of the dining room won’t impact the team’s existing commitment to the existing program features, including:

  • Wholesome meals within a rotating, innovative menu 
  • Healthy and indulgent comfort foods 
  • Dishes that accommodate any dietary preferences and restrictions 
  • Monthly themed events 
  • Heirloom recipes providing an opportunity for residents to share their favorites 


More Than Meals

Cappella Pueblo West diningThe Duet Dining group, alongside the team at Cappella Pueblo West, have taken a fresh approach to dining due to the belief in the resulting culture that is built around shared meals and fulfilling experiences. As part of the re-grand opening, it was important to not just focus on the meals themselves, but to revamp the entire experience.

Keeping with the name that resident’s selected for the dining room, River Walk Café, the re-grand opening will welcome residents into a newly renovated room with a warm and inviting embrace. The thoughtfully designed space aims to create a cozy environment where residents can enjoy their meals in comfort while also fostering a sense of community and connection.


Duet Dining in Pueblo West, CO Re-Imagined: Frequently Asked Questions

As with anything new, it’s likely that the introduction of the re-grand opening will spur some questions. See below for some added detail that may answer any concerns.

1. What is the significance of the name, Duet Dining?

The name Duet symbolizes the harmony found in collaboration of several voices. The name represents the partnership with Christian Living Communities, residents, and the broader community in creating a unique dining experience in Pueblo West, CO.

2. What is the reasoning for bringing in the Duet Hospitality group?

As Christian Living Communities seeks to promote collaboration, cohesion and innovation, this partnership serves the united vision aimed at a fresh approach to the dining experience across all levels of care and throughout all affiliated CLC communities.

3. Will there be any changes to staff?

There are no staffing changes tied to the launch of the Duet Hospitality brand. The beloved staff at Cappella of Pueblo West will continue to be eligible for training and coaching, and their benefits and pay will not be negatively impacted by this partnership.

4. Will there be any pricing changes or increases in fees?

There will be no pricing changes on the updated menus, nor in the resident monthly service fee. While there were some minimal costs incurred with the re-grand opening to account for new uniforms, menu books and other branding materials, all of the costs were accounted for in the annual budget. Residents at Cappella Pueblo West will not see a financial impact as a result of these changes.


Community Dining that Creates Lasting Memories

Cappella Pueblo West diningAt Cappella Pueblo West, we believe that dining is not just about nourishment, but an opportunity to create lasting memories and foster a sense of community. With the re-grand opening of the dining room in partnership with Duet, we invite residents to embark on a unique culinary journey. Join us as we celebrate the latest culinary delights and experience the warm and welcoming experience dining in Pueblo West, CO.

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