Cappella Pueblo West Resident is Finalist in Silver Queen Pageant

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Silver Queen Pagenant

Posted: October 30, 2023

A 98-year-old Pueblo resident was crowned the 49th Silver Queen during a private ceremony on September 14 at the Pueblo Country Club. The annual pageant has highlighted the area’s older adults in good-natured judging of a video interview and display of character and community contribution.

CPW assisted living resident selma eller and sonA total of 27 contestants competed, including Cappella Pueblo West’s own Selma Eller. Selma was nominated as one of eight finalists in the competition. The contest is open to hopefuls ages 60 and older, with contestants nominated by staff and administrators of local skilled-nursing and assisted living communities.

From surviving the Dust Bowl to pulling people out of the rubble after a devastating tornado, this year’s nominees recalled historical events they experienced through the years, providing stories about their lives that both inspired and endeared them to the judges, according to event organizers.

A member of Selma’s family had this to say about the finalist: “I know my mom was going to the country club today for the Silver Queen event. I am so proud of her and glad you encouraged her to take part. I knew she would be a great candidate the minute she talked to me about it. I told her she should go for it and so happy she did. Mom can be very humble at times and feels someone deserves it more than she does. She is such an inspiration to so many! I love and miss her dearly. Thank you so much for the love and care she receives from you.”


Living at Cappella Pueblo West Assisted Living

It’s no surprise that a resident of Cappella Pueblo West Senior Living Community made the list of finalists in the Pueblo pageant. Our team is dedicated to cultivating a close-knit community where everyone feels included and supported. And our residents are the heart of our community. They come together from various walks of life to lead vibrant and fulfilling lives, making our community unlike others. You can trust that you or your loved one will receive our compassionate team’s unwavering support and security and become an integral part of our extended family.CPW assisted living resident selma eller finalist

For many older adults, the transition to assisted living is a significant life change, but finding the right place can make this transformation positive. To help ensure seniors thrive, we follow the Life Enrichment (LE) model, which is built on the following five pillars of well-being:

  1. Social connection by building a community through shared values and experiences and fostering genuine relationships that bring residents and staff together
  2. Intellectual engagement by supporting brain health and overall well-being with lifelong learning and meaningful ways to keep an active mind
  3. Purposeful living by participating and making decisions in the things that matter most to each of us, such as being of service, feeling valued, and sharing our gifts with others
  4. Physical health by encouraging independence, healthy habits, and inclusive fitness classes that sustain and improve overall physical health
  5. Spiritual growth by nurturing the soul, spirit, and emotional well-being by connecting with our purpose, values, and beliefs

A life enrichment program for seniors at assisted living communities enhances overall quality of life by providing opportunities for social engagement, intellectual stimulation, physical activity, and emotional well-being. These programs aim to support residents in leading fulfilling and meaningful lives. The following are the basic tenets of such a program:

  •  Provide person-centered care that tailors activities and services to each resident’s unique needs, preferences, and abilities. Recognize that every senior has their own interests and goals.
  • Give residents the opportunity to thrive. We hold the conviction that every individual, regardless of their stage in the aging process, can persistently evolve, make valuable contributions, and pursue their passions. Encourage and enable residents to maintain as much independence as possible and take an active role in shaping their experience.
  • Partner “with” residents rather than “do” for them. Residents are encouraged to build and lead community-based initiatives and activities with staff. Residents feel empowered to share their unique gifts with the community and add to our community engagement offerings.
  • Focus on community and inclusivity. The community at Cappella Pueblo West has residents of diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds, so it’s essential to offer opportunities for religious services, cultural celebrations, and recreational activities to keep residents engaged and entertained.
  • Empower team members to share their own passions and interests. When everyone participates, everyone can succeed.
  • Encourage residents to connect through group activities, events, and outings. This helps combat feelings of loneliness and isolation that can be pervasive among older adults. Technology helps keep residents connected with the outside world, engage in online learning, and communicate with family and friends.
  • Celebrate and honor aging. Honoring aging involves recognizing and respecting the value, wisdom, and experiences that come with growing older. It’s essential to embrace and celebrate the aging process as a natural and meaningful part of life.

Overall, a successful life enrichment program in assisted living should aim to create an environment where seniors feel valued, engaged, and supported in living life to the fullest extent possible.


​​​​​​Leading Your Best Life at an Assisted Living Community

The transition to assisted living doesn’t mean a diminished life. The culture at Cappella of Pueblo West encourages residents to grow and thrive, even in their later years. Reach out today to discuss our assisted living options.

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